Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scatterbrained ...

I finished one of the WWII books I've been reading last night while the grands had Qubo on the TV. A ltitle tricky, but do-able. I've actually been reading several books more or less at the same time anyway. Sometimes I pick up a book and start where I left the marker, only to be mommentarily baffled because the story seems to be taking a different twist than I expected. Then I realize I'm confusing it with another book I am currently reading. My brother asks me how/why I read more than one at a time. My answer: Because I'm such a scatterbrain, I have to do it to keep all my interests satisfied at once. Elsewise, I'd implode.

My theory is that some time back, the "thinking" part of my brain became overwhelmed and shattered. Then each fragment "healed" as a separate section, each demanding control of the whole for at least a share of the time. Yeah ... so I make up my OWN science. Sue me! It works for me.

I used to work in a newspaper office. One of the gals in the front office would often come back into the production area I had responsibility for with an unanswerable question. I would amuse myself by giving her an "answer" that was completely bogus but sounded plausible to someone who hadn't a clue. She'd look at me quizzically and say, "Really?" Sometimes I'd say (with a straight face) that yes, it was just so. Other times I'd crack up and tell her it was as good an answer as any, and she could accept or reject it at will. Then she'd slap me with whatever was at hand, and stomp off, red-faced, saying, "D%#m you!" Bwha-ha-ha-hah! A person HAS to amuse themselves SOMEhow, don't they?!? She was so gullible it was easy to pull a fast one on her, and she got so she never knew whether or not to trust anything I told her. That made it even MORE fun for me, who found my job excruciatingly monotonous.

Does this look familiar?


It's just like Tammy's quilt, sent by JH, except the border goes around all four sides. Huunh ...  It's getting an all-over design (see photo below -- I can't get it to go where I want it in the text for some odd reason).

I'm enjoying my visit with the grands, per usual. The youngest peeks into the fridge first thing when she arrives. "MaMa, do you NEVER run out of food?!?" she asks. She was especially appreciative of the lunch I made today. When I set it before them, she said, "All this, and CANTELOUPE? This place rocks!" Doesn't take much to please her!

Don't be surprised if you see a string of "quotable quotes" here in future postings ... I've been reading a lot and I have a tendency to jot stuff that impresses me, for future reference. Here's something from the last book finished:

" ... We must wait until morning, and then we will understand the meaning of the night. (From the Talmud)" ... and THAT'S all quoted from They Thought They Were Free, talking about how there is perhaps more in the world than meets the eye, and how what happened in Nazi-era Germany might serve to bear witness to that.


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