Sunday, April 22, 2012

Are you KIDDING me?!?

I ran to the grocery store after my dentist's appointment last week, and made a quick stop in the ladies' room. The gal in there was TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE. While using the toilet! Give. Me. A. Break. I had to use great restraint in order NOT to wait for her to come out and slap her silly, or at least say something to her about it. Can people go NOWHERE anymore without having to be on their phones?!? Just do me a favor: don't ever call me from the bathroom unless you need me in an emergency.

I flicked on the news to catch the weather report this evening. I nearly passed out when I heard the guy say we might have a ton of snow between tonight and Tuesday morning. For a minute, I thought I must have somehow picked up a channel from Northern Canada. But no ... he was talking about Northeast PA and New York State. I KNEW this would happen if I planted my potatoes. Rats!

I hope you're not looking for a photo of that quilt I said I was working on. I am still not quite finished with it. I ran over a metal ruler by accident, and decided to call it a night before I do some serious damage. I'll finish it up and post a picture tomorrow. Barring the snowstorm that threatens to down power lines, that is.

Another good read: Unbroken -- about American POWs held by Japanese during WWII in the Philippines. Whew! Ghost Soldiers was another good one, about the same stuff. I'd recommend either if you're interested in WWII history. It's stuff they didn't teach in the high school I went to!

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