Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh. NOW I get it ...

The old adage "plant potatoes in the dark of the moon" never made any sense to me. I pictured going out around mid-night and groveling around, trying to plant potatoes in the dark. Right. Some already question my sanity, so I never thought it would be a good idea to try that trick, fearing a neighbor might pass by and see me. (Maybe THIS is where the term "lunatic" comes from?) My dreams do not include living out my days in a room on Shutter Island!

I was recently reading up on the phases of the moon. It turns out that "the dark of the moon" refers to a period between the full moon and the next new moon -- when the moon is waning (or growing smaller and smaller, as opposed to becoming more full). Well ... now THAT makes sense. How did I not know that, or at least figure it out in all this time of being a gardener? I guess I take some things too literally.

I checked to see what phase of the moon we're in, and discovered that tonight the moon will be about the skinchiest it gets before turning over to a new moon (when it seems to have lost its light completely). Oh, and according to the info I was reading, nothing should be planted on the New Moon. So, it was either get those taters in the ground today, or wait a few weeks for the moon to flop over again. Considering that DH and I prepared the 'tater patch several days ago and the weather is warmer/dryer than usual for this time of year, I got them into the ground and covered up.

If that brings on a blizzard or some spate of frigid weather, let me apologize in advance. I just couldn't resist the urge to plant them a month or more earlier than usual.

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  1. I made it just under the wire. I found a website that said there is still 1% crescent tonight and planted mine this morning. I'd guess "lunatic" is based on luna for the moon. Ask anyone who has ever worked in an ER, people get crazy around the full moon.