Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oooo ... hurry or you'll miss your chance!

It's the time of year when some people's minds get stuck in the gardening mode. I'm one of those people. You would not believe the heap of seed packets I have piled up on the floor in this room. Let's say it's a lot and leave it at that. I've been sorting them according to when they'll need to be planted. I've been in a state of near panic for about a week because I thought I'd accidentally thrown away some of them, but am relieved to say they've been located after all.

At one point, I thought I might have to re-order the missing seeds, so went online to one of my favorite seed companies. Oooo ... ooo ... they're having a sale on discontinued items ... let's go see what's available. Wow! There are some tomatoes (but not the kind I like), little white cucumbers (eeeew! they look anemic), a few tools I already have, and ... you'd better hurry to grab some of these before they're sold out: STINGING NETTLES for only $1 a packet! Only a dollar a packet? Are they crazy?!? I kid you not! Go here to see for yourself:

I wonder why they are not offering burdocks while they're at it? (I think they do have them in their catalog.) Now, I don't know which are worse: nettles or burdocks in my yard and garden. It's a constant and continuous battle to eradicate them here. Might I add, a LOSING battle for me. Those insidious things are the bane of my life, and somebody is offering them for sale. If you know anyone who might want some already started FREE OF CHARGE, do let me know.

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