Thursday, April 5, 2012

What happened HERE???

Our grandkids are a source of constant entertainment for us. Here are a few things they said that tickled me this week:

The littlest one was looking for something to do. She asked if we could go pick some veg-ables from the garden. I told her that there is nothing ready to pick yet, but we could go plant some seeds if she'd like. She thought she WOULD like. So off we went to the garden. When she stepped through the gate, her eyes widened and she said, "Whoa! What happened HERE? It looks like it's all torn'd apart!" I guess she didn't realize that the garden gets ripped out and tilled at the end of the growing season. She was expecting the garden to look like she last saw it at harvest time. Tee-hee. Oh. And DH nearly peed his pants laughing at the way this one asks to have the volume turned up on the TV. He asked her to repeat it over and over so he could enjoy it. It IS really, really funny, but I cannot figure out how to spell it out here for you.

When we were readying to take them back home, I asked the younger boy if he'd like to go to the henhouse to see if there were some fresh eggs to take home. Aghast, he spoke. "Why would I want to do THAT?!?" (He hates eggs, and feared that would put him as great risk of having to eat them.) I told him they could just be for Mommy and Daddy. "Whew!" You would have had to see the look on his face to fully appreciate the humor here, but trust me ... it was GOOD.

While we waited in the car for Daddy at the meeting place for drop-off, Child One and I chatted. We got to talking about pencils. I told him I don't care for mechanical pencils. He instructed me on the fine points of how to use one without continually breaking the lead. I said I prefer the old-fashioned pencil that had to be sharpened (gesturing like I was turning the handle on a manual pencil sharpener). He looked at me funny. Then, dryly, he said, "It's more like THIS now, MaMa: (gesturing as if he were spearing a pencil into an electric sharpener). Then we all had a good laugh.

Daddy was running a little late, so the bigger girl and I decided we needed to visit the ladies' room. Walking in, she asked if it wouldn't be funny if we had to pay to use the bathroom. Oh! Do you remember THAT? I had forgotten all about pay toilets. I told her all about it, much to her amusement. She asked what would we do if we didn't have the requisite dime? My answer was, "go begging." More giggles.

I hate when the go back home.

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