Friday, March 23, 2012

A Quilt for Tammy ...

Joanne H sent a quilt for me to finish. She made it for Tammy, our mutual friend who has been struggling with cancer in various forms for too many years. They got the tumor on her brain, and then others popped up elsewhere in her body. Tammy's had a wonderful attitude thoughout her ordeal.  Here's the quilt:

Now, tell  me if you know the answer to this question: How does this machine know when I get to the bottom corner of a quilt? More times than not, the bobbin runs out this far from the end:

And it doesn't seem to matter the size of the quilt, the design, or the thread! If it were a matter of any combination of the above-listed elements, I'd say it is a mathematical thing -- a calculation that is WAY beyond my comprehension (may as well be astrophysics as far as I'm concerned). But I think there is something else besides math going on here. There must be a last-square-foot gremlin in charge of ticking people off -- and one who is doing a real fine job of it!

I hope Joanne is happy with the quick turn-around, and that Tammy knows how much we care. If you're the praying sort, please remember Tammy -- she needs all the help she can get.

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