Monday, April 16, 2012

Oh ... hello there!

Mama is still sitting on her nest, and the little ones are trying to decide which way to head to find some trouble. News travels fast on the Goose Gossip Hotline, so visitors have already come to call. One is trying to count the babies ... but they just won't stand still long enough.

Here's the result of the workshop last week:

It's not really lop-sided; I tried to perch the empty purse along the railing (gaping open to show the inside), and made it look like I sewed it into a crazy mess. I should have put something in it to weigh it down -- the wind kept trying to blow it away before I could snap the photo. It's actually kind of cute, and was super easy to construct. Thanks, Sylvia (if you're reading today), for showing us all how to do it.

Project Of The Week for me: quilting our guild's raffle quilt. It's big, and it's beautiful. I will post photos when I've got it finished and ready for the binding. Hopefully, that will be before I have to make my trek back to the dentist. They're planning to re-install the hardware that feels like a small car wreck jammed in my mouth. It just never ends ...

Oh ... and by the way, there are seven little goslings in that group. They'll soon be joined by the hoophouse Squatter and her brood, I'm sure! I think they're so cute. DH would prefer to be rid of them all. He pitches a fit whenever he steps in goose grease. Bwah-hah-ha-ha ...

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  1. The purse looks great! And I'm with your DH on pitching a fit about stepping in goose grease. I've done that a time or two myself and it is nastyyyyyyyy.