Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's NOT said ...

In a comment about choosing seeds, KP asked, "How are you supposed to narrow down what kinds of tomatoes or peppers or peas to grow when they make them all sound fabulous?" The answer: Read what is NOT said. If the description goes on and on about how prolific a plant is, gotta wonder why they don't say much about how the produce tastes! Or, do they readily succumb to cooties? If they make a big deal of the showy flower the plant makes, it might be a clue that you'd better learn to appreciate it, because it will not produce many to look at, and therefore, few fruits. Or, if it’s a special hybrid the packet might include only about four seeds – does it say how many are in there? And so on and so forth.

My biggest complaints about seed descriptions are about the ones that don't give enough information to make a good decision about whether or not it will grow in my area. Officially, we're in zone 5. In reality, it's more like a zone 4 here in our microclimate. Winters here are more like Siberia than the part of our county that is closer to the river. So I need to know if the seeds/plants I'm going to invest in are up to the challenge. I really appreciate a company that gives as much info as possible – would hate to find out something I bought is really only suited to zone 7, and believe it or not, some catalogs are very vague on this subject.

I think I have a plan for the oddballs (of yarn, that is). Here's part one -- look how close it came to running out of yarn before it ended!

Now I'd better quit messing around and get to work.

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