Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A trip to the hospital ...

I had to drive myself to the hospital yesterday, due to multiple stab wounds.

I’ll bet THAT got your attention! Here’s the story: I went to the doctor’s office yesterday. They decided I needed blood work. Three different “technicians” tried to draw blood, without success. When they poked me enough that it was making me nauseous to hear any more about veins rolling and irritated at the number of bruises I was getting, I told them that was enough – no more. I was sent to the hospital to see if anyone there could get blood out of my arm. Of course, by then, it was lunchtime and everything was moving pretty slowly there.

There were a number of people in the waiting area, among them one little girl who’s mother was preoccupied with texting on her cell phone. Of course! That seems to have become the thing people do. Here was a little girl who had obviously injured her hand, and who was being very patient waiting in a place where there were no other children to talk to, no toys to amuse her – not even a children’s book or magazine to look at to pass the time. And the mother? On the phone. She sat two inches from my elbow, so I couldn’t help but overhear her conversation. What did she say? She said (about the little girl with her) that “whereEVER you take ____, she’s bad!” The child was behaving perfectly. I wanted to smack the mother! I thought the least SHE could have done was talk to the girl to be good company for her.

The girl looked at me, we smiled at each other and then she moved to the seat on my other side. I showed her a picture in a magazine I was looking at. She asked me who it was. I told her it looked to me like Captain Underpants. That made her giggle. Then she counted for me, showed me how her shoes light up if you jump up and down, etc. Pretty soon they called her in to attend to her injury.

Then it was my turn. The nurse there got the blood on the first try. I hope the Mom learns to enjoy her child before the opportunity passes.

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