Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The commute is a nightmare!

Bwah-hah-ha-ha ... just kidding. (I work from home, commute electronically, and the worst part of "commuting" I have is to shovel a path to the barn in the snow when it's time to do chores. The current application of "poor man's fertilizer" is so light and fluffy, it's hardly anything to make a path. No whining here. I probably will live to regret that I said that ... now we'll get a blizzard, accompanied by heavy wet stuff that will have to be tunneled through. If we do, you can blame it on me.

Here's the cowgirl sweater with zipper installed the best I could do. If I take it out and replace it one more time, trying to perfect it, the child will outgrow the thing before she gets it.

Are you familiar with Veggie Tales? They have a song entitled "Busy, Busy" that just cracks me up. And now, for all those who find themselves repeating "I've been sooo busy ..." there's a ringtone available for cell phones. Here's a link to the lyrics, if you don't know the song:

Here's something weird: Once when I was driving home from the Philly area, listening to a book on tape, I got so nervous I had to turn it off. The book was "The Perfect Storm" and I was at the part where the ship was about to be lost in the storm. I was driving in a horrible downpour through a section of road that was under construction, complete with those orange-striped barrels and concrete barriers along both sides where I was driving. The water was flooding the road for lack of anywhere to drain, so it was like driving through the ocean. My imagination went into high gear, transferring the fate of the sailors right into my world. The impending doom was just too scary for me. Then yesterday while I was finishing up the sweater, I was watching an episode of The Pacific. We were in the middle of a horrific battle when I could SWEAR I heard bomb blasts outside my house. I wondered how they did that?!? What technology have they put into DVDs that allows the sound to be so powerful it's like the battle was right outside my house? It was like being in one of the huge movie theatres with sound-surround or whatever it is called -- you know ... where the sound is so powerful you can feel it in your seat. Wow! There it goes again. Only THIS time, I am SURE it rocked the house. I went to look out the window. DH had stopped what he was doing, too, to look around. Obviously, he heard something and wondered what.

Upon investigation, I discovered that seismic blasting was actually taking place in the pasture behind my house. That involves dynamite. Glad to know it's not just me.


  1. Glad you got your cowgirl sweater done. It's really cute! That is awesome that you had extra special effects for "The Pacific." By itself it's pretty loud and alarming! I will be sooooooooo mad at you if we get a blizzard!!! I had to drive in it today and it was awful!

  2. We just finished watching The Pacific. I don't know how any of those soldiers came home and functioned at all! The booby trapped people reminded me of the current war.

    I was home the day they did our seismic testing and I actually got one on video! I expected a big plume of dirt up in the air, but all that happened was a big flat area lifted a little bit. What a let down. This was several weeks ago - they waited to pick up the sensors & wires until TODAY when they are covered with snow for the first time all year.