Friday, January 14, 2011

Any elves out there looking for work?

Some people let their kids walk all over them. Some sheep do, too.

I went to listen to Joan Ford speak at our guild meeting yesterday. She's the Scrap Therapy quilter from Syracuse, NY. She did a great trunk show (show & tell is always the best part of quilt guild, for me!). Made me want to come home and organize all my fabric, as if that would make me more productive. By the time I did my errands after the meeting and got home, though, the urge had dissipated. Whew! Just thinking about it wore me out. I need elves to work for me. (Would keeping elves be the same as slavery? Or do elves just LIKE doing other people's work for nothing?)

Did you ever notice how many quilters are also knitters, and gardeners? A LOT! I had taken a simple knitting project with me to work on during the business part of the meeting; the gal sitting next to me was working on a pair of socks. The speaker opened her talk by saying she is a knitter, and showed a nice Norwegian-style sweater she had done, and explained how making steeks in it got her into quilting back in 2003. It's a long story, and hers to tell, so suffice it to say that when she had a need to learn to use a sewing machine she asked a quilter for help. Hahahahahaha!
Speaking of knitting ... it is similar to quilting in that I wind up with odd balls of yarn left over that accumulate just like fabric scraps. Rummaging around for something to play with, I found a couple of balls of Noro variegated yarns, and wondered what I would ever do with it. (Throw it away? What?!? Do you even KNOW me?!? According to my DIL, I never throw ANYthing away.)

So ... I remembered seeing a scarf on someone else's blog a year or so ago, and thought it was done with just two balls of this stuff. Yep! That's what I'll do with it. There's always somebody who could use a warm scarf, right? Now the debate is, how many stitches to cast on? Hmmmm ...

And speaking of slavery ... just got a call from a client who needs some graphic design work done. Ta-ta!

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  1. Ooooooo.... Warm scarf. Sounds like a plan. ;)