Friday, November 12, 2010

Time Out for Friends ...

Today was a sort of Combo Day here -- combining work with time spent with friends. Penny and Betsy came, each with a quilt under her arm. We visited, we quilted. We ate, we quilted some more. Both went home with their projects done and ready for binding. Penny and I hadn't gotten together in probably just about a year -- with Betsy, it has been so long we couldn't figure out when the last time was. At least two years. How does that happen? We're all just busy women, I guess. We three have a lot in common, so there's never an end of things to talk about. It was a nice day, made nicer by having friends around. Such a sunny day, the photos are full of shadows.

Here's Betsy's quilt (always cheerful colors):

Camera-shy Betsy is peeping out from behind, in the shadow of the tree.

... and Penny's (we had to fold it in quarters to make it small enough for her to hold up off the ground; it's really a very large quilt) -- she leans toward the pink/green/white combination. Hmmmm ... seems like there's someone else who goes in that direction more often than not with her color schemes ...

... and who's that -- Peter Pan's Shadow down in the corner? Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos -- I think I need a different camera. As if that would make up for lack of photographic skill -- hah!

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