Thursday, November 11, 2010

Padiddle ...

I had meetings to attend, so was out driving after dark on two nights in a row. Now, where I live, it would not be unusual to travel twenty miles without seeing another moving vehicle on the road. So tell me this: how is it that in two nights I've seen six different cars with only one headlight?!? I saw four last night, and two tonight. How crazy is that?!?

And in case you don't remember, or are to young to know -- "padiddle" is called by the first one to spot the car with only one headlight, and that entitles the "caller" to a kiss from whomever else is in the car -- usually a date, if I remember correctly -- so a one-eyed car sighting was a good thing.

Now-a-days the kids play a game in which the players strive to be first to spot a VW Bug, and yell something like, "Green Punch-Buggie ... no paybacks" (or is it punchbacks? I never can remember ... and even more seldom am the first to spot the Bug which entitles the caller to whack someone else in the car without fear of reprisal). I am most often the recipient of the punch, being the slowest to catch on to the game.


  1. No, no! Padiddle is like punchbug, you punch the other person in the car when you call it. Same with padaddle (was that it?) for a missing rear headlight. Any it's no punchbacks.

  2. Okay, so maybe we had a deviant version of Padiddle when I was a teen in NJ?

  3. Nah, in MA we looked for the Padiddle because it earned a kiss. Guess it was our generation.