Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Family Affair ...

Pat C and her parents, Bill and JoAnn A came Thursday. Actually, Pat only came after work to see what her parents were up to – she’s been here before, and wanted to see how her Dad was making out quilting. Apparently, she had every confidence that her Mom would make out just fine. They did a very large, and very pretty quilt in jig time:

(double-click on photo to enlarge)

Another quilt was begun, but we all ran out of time and energy before it got finished, so Pat came back this morning to wrap it up. My camera was back home, so we may get a photo from JoAnn to post later. The quilt was hand-stitched by an auntie – a whole lot of 8-point stars with sashing and borders. Pat practiced the spiral design her Mom had begun, and was out of here – quilt in hand – in a few hours. We both thought it came out pretty nicely.

Since she left, I’ve come home to begin cleaning up the sty in preparation for Thanksgiving Holiday company. So far, all I’ve got done is the refrigerator. I like to start there because it’s so encouraging to see the shine that results with minimal effort on my part. It motivates me to press onward.

Okay … breaktime is over. Back to work for me!

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  1. Ahhhh... The beauty of a clean fridge. Mine is STILL clean (don't faint.) I actually even wiped up a spill, so maybe it will stay cleaner, longer?! Ummmmmmm.... Fat chance. :)