Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like Indian scouts ...

We traipse stealthily through the woods to spy down from the ridge on the newcomers below. (Isn't that just like the Indians watching the settlers moving into their territory? Okay ... so I have a wild imagination. Sue me.) It makes for an interesting walk, providing plenty of exercise -- if nothing else.

These are photos of the latest goings-on at the well site on the farm next door:

There's an eerie glow in the night sky, with all the lights reflecting off the low-hanging cloud cover lately. It sort of "throbs," making it appear like some alien Thing is hovering overhead, deciding who or what will be its next prey. (There goes that crazy imagination again. It's outta control!)

In this one, if you look closely at the far right of the photo, you'll see Snoop The Scoop checking it all out from high above Cooleyville (his name for all the trailers and other paraphernalia brought in at the well site).

To pass the time away one day during a long car ride, the grandkids decided to imagine how they would spend the money if we ever got any from a gas well here. The granddaughter who's crazy about horses decided she'd buy two horses (one for her, one for her horse-loving friend), a trailer to drive them around in, and a black pickup truck to pull the trailer. Of course, I'd be their designated driver until they're old enough to get a driver's license. The younger of the grandsons thought an X-Box 360 would be just the ticket for his share -- guess he has no clue how much money can be had by anyone who drills for gas. The older boy couldn't think of anything he might need or want. Gotta love a kid with that kind of outlook, no? And the Little Princess was fast asleep, so didn't get to say. But no matter ... she needs only ring her imaginary bell for service, anyway. "Ding-ding." Her sibs are incredibly accommodating to her. Having been the youngest in our family, too, I'm wondering how she manages THAT trick. Didn't work for me!

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