Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on yesterday's saga ...

When I got home yesterday (sans groceries, as I said), there was a message from the offending store manager, asking me to return his call. He might want to re-think THAT one. The only reason I would call him back is to rip him a new one all over again.

After I dropped my little charge off at camp this morning, I drove right past that time-waste of a store I went to yesterday and went on to Wegman's. I still didn't have enough cash in my pocket. I didn't even have my store card with me. They let me shop, looked up my customer number FOR me so I could take advantage of the sale prices even though I did not bring my card, and accepted my check for over $400 without batting an eyelash. They even "lent" me $40 for gas in the car by writing that amount over the cost of my order. And all of that took place without even having to call a conference of managers together. Imagine that!

On second thought, maybe I will call the manager of the P&C back and tell him THAT. Or would that be a bit much?

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