Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is it just me?

Look at these boots, and tell me: is there something about the white one that is reminiscent of a foot cast? Hmmmmm ... wonder where THAT idea came from? Maybe the designer is making a statement?

Or is it just my suspicious nature in high gear? My take: it looks like a cross between a cast and my old ski boots, with the added benefit of that wobbly heel. Do they still make ski boots like that? So rigid you cannot bend your foot at all, resulting in a Frankenstein-like walk sans skis? (Haven't been downhill skiing in many, many years. The last time I went I didn't realize I was coming down with the flu at the time, but once I got to the top of the hill on the lift, I wondered how I would ever get to the bottom alive. I was soooooo tired I couldn't function, so took the skis off and walked all the way down the mountain. I knew it would have been the end of me if I had tried to make it on skis. I wasn't a very good skier to begin with, and felt my chances of survival were much higher without the incredible speed and treachery afforded by strapping myself to slicked-up sticks aimed for destruction.)

Okay, I'll admit. Fashion is not my forte, and when it comes to feet I'm ALL about comfort (style be damned!), but I have to wonder how/why anybody would want to torture their feet into something that looks like a disaster waiting to happen. I do have to say that I'm thankful for the company that sends the catalog. It takes little to amuse me, I guess.

Weather has been tortuous here. As if an on-going heat wave weren't enough, the humidity has been incredible. Upside: looks like the tomatoes will produce a bumper crop this year. We had our first two ripe ones Friday. That's early for our garden -- doesn't usually happen till August. Mmm ... mmm! Nothing like a fresh ripe tomato, after waiting all year. Actually, we've been waiting two years, because we didn't get any last year. The garden drowned last year due to incessant rains from May till September. We got no tomatoes, or much else for that matter.

We did finally get rain. Ahhhh ... things are already starting to green back up. Green's my favorite color. I'm liking the look. There were warnings of a possible tornado here late yesterday. The ONE place I don't want to see green is in the sky. Once when visiting my son's family while they were living in Texas, they said if the sky turned greenish, watch out -- that was an indicator of a tornado nearby.

I am now on my way out to the garden, trying to beat the worst of the heat. It's already got a head start on me.

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