Wednesday, May 12, 2010

well, actually ...

It's Wednesday, May 12, 2010.

That last post got dated wrong because I created it late at night and published it the morning. I didn't realize it would have the "created" date. No matter. It's America. I can fly my flag on the wrong day if I want to!
Today, I am anxiously awaiting a package. I know. I know ... it's way too early to start watching for the delivery truck to arrive. But I can't help it. The contents are very important to me. And I'm concerned it won't come. Here's the story (it's a long story, and I'll probably make it even longer like I usually do) ...

From the "Why Me?" File:

Last Friday I called a company I had placed an order with to verify that the stuff had been shipped to me because now, a couple months after the original order, I realize I never got it. Way back when, I had received an email message from the delivery company telling me to expect two packages. On delivery day (THAT delivery day), the driver brought one package. I asked if there was another for me. "Nope. That's it." I told him I had received a message and was expecting two. "That's all I've got for you."

My thought was that it would probably come the following day, so I put it out of my mind and totally forgot about it. Until I went to order the products again and had that vague recollection of having already done this ... called the company, and sure enough ... so they would put a tracer on the package.

The delivery company called three times on Friday to ask me for details. Then yesterday, the driver called me. He started out by telling me how he distinctly remembers having delivered the packages in question, and that he had handed them to my husband who was "on the tractor, or in the pickup truck, or maybe he was out by the barn somewhere ..." (pretty distinct recollection, eh?).

Anyway, he went on and on and on ... growing louder and louder, until he was shouting at me over the phone that "I'm not going to take the blame for this ..." etc., etc. I told him I wasn't blaming him, I was only trying to find out where my stuff that I paid for is now, because I don't have it. That only served to rewind him back to his starting point, with the volume turned way up. I cut him off at that point, telling him I'd call the company again to verify the date in question because he seemed to be remembering a different delivery. Oh, No! He started all over! Okay. That's it. I told him to stop talking. I was going to get off the phone, and I'd deal with it through the company and hung up.

Not five minutes later, another person from the delivery service was on the phone. Sheesh! Don't they ever write anything down? She asked me all the same questions all over again! (Do you get the feeling this tracking process is going to take a ver-r-r-r-ry long time?

That's what I thought, too. From the point they said they'd put a tracer on it and some little red flag started flapping around in my mind's eye. And now we've come full circle back to the beginning of my story ...

Because I was leery of how long the process might take, I asked the company from which I ordered the products to re-send them, and we'd figure out where the original order went separately because I really, really need the stuff before THIS Friday. (Good thing I did that, right?) So I got an e-mail message from the delivery service that the package containing the newly ordered merchandise should arrive on Wednesday, May 12. It's supposed to be delivered by the now-irate driver. What do you think my chances of receiving this package are today?

Why me?


  1. I can't wait to hear about today's delivery... Make sure you have a camera and/or a tape recorder (wow... I know that sounds soooooooo dated -- haha) if anything exciting happens ;)

  2. Thay's it! I need to move back home, so I'll be there to "discuss" these things with people up there. Delivery drivers, utility companies, idiots doing 90 miles an hour down a dirt road screaming about animals in the way... Very few people get loud or obnoxious when talking to me. I wonder why?