Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lots going on around here lately ...

Bunches of quilts got done last week:

Too bad I can't take credit for them. Nope. They were the handiwork of these ladies:

... Carol, Geri and MaryBeth (who, BTW, was a first-timer who got two quilts completed after announcing that she was only going to watch the others and knit the time away! I think she did more quilting than knitting.).

Sunday morning was a very warm and sunny day here. This nincompoop was trying to stand in the shade of a telephone pole:

Notice the stand of trees (ahem ... trees ... shade ... um, get it, sheep?) right behind her? I love my sheep, but they certainly are not the smartest animals around here!

Speaking of not-so-smart ...

... once there are a couple of hatchlings, everybody gets so caught up in the excitement, they forget what they were doing and start following them around. I nearly got my armflab ripped off trying to get close enough to get a good photo. That big brute at the tail end of this parade got ahold of the inside of my arm right above the elbow and wouldn't let go. Yowwwch! Those wings become absolute sledge hammers when there's an infant to protect. Trust me ... you DON'T want to try to steal a gosling from the flock.

And this bouquet was the first thing I saw when I looked out the kitchen door right after sunrise this morning:

They're all weeds at the edge of flower bed I've not gotten around to yet. But I think they're very pretty, nonetheless. May all the weeds in your life be lovely ones!

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