Monday, May 17, 2010

The junkman cometh ...

This is exciting to me -- the man who picks up scrap metal is here today, collecting stuff I want to be rid of. Old dryer in the cellar: gone! Remnants of an old vehicle and a few farm implements are on their way out of here. It's always a good feeling of accomplishment when something rather huge gets out of the way.

And that's my reward for working in the garden this morning. I got a little carried away with the salad dressing (may have to wring out some of the spinach before I eat it), but it's one of my fav's at this time of year. I'm also canning rhubarb today, because we're getting a little tired of eating it and I can't stand for it to go to waste.

Then I'm off to finish up a quilt for someone who's getting a little anxious to have it in hand. Photos will follow when I get it off the machine.

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