Friday, May 14, 2010

A mighty fortress...

... kitten style. This silly kitty has been sleeping inside the concrete block in the barn every night. It looks like it's getting to be pretty tight quarters. He probably thinks its a fortress against the idea of being stepped on by cows. Or maybe that it's good camouflage? The litter-mate gets in behind a sheet of plywood leaning up against an empty sheep pen. They're so cute when they're little and chubby. They're so annoying when they get big enough to come begging for something to eat at the kitchen door. They're like a bunch of Depression-era hobos looking for a hand-out.

Now here's the latest episode of the delivery-man saga ... (sort of disappointing if you were hoping for something exciting, because it turned out to be uneventful). The regular driver has been temporarily replaced. Do you think it was because, when a woman from the company called, I told her I did not appreciate being yelled at by their driver? I sort of think it was, but can't be sure. I wonder if I'll find out when he gets his route back? If I come up amongst the missing, somebody remember this story, will ya?

1 comment:

  1. Well.... I'm glad that your delivery-man saga wasn't exciting - who needs the extra strife?! Did your temp driver deliver to your door?!?! I sure hope so!! Your kitty picture is soooooooo cute!! I am totally with ya about how cute they are when they are little --- then they get big and annoying... Tis life, I suppose. :)