Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Voice ...

It always amazes me how, in spite of the cacaphony in the barn at chore time, a tiny little voice can be heard above all others. The heifers are bellowing until I think I'll go deaf from it, the 40-plus sheep are all blatting "mee-eee-ee first! me-eee-ee first!" at the same time when they hear me coming with grain, and yet ... what's that? The sound of a new lamb's cry out back? Maybe it's a Mommy thing one never gets over, no matter how long your own little ones have been gone from the nest ... or maybe I have superhuman hearing ... who knows? But sure enough, look who I found at the end of that little baaa-aaa-aa ...

I think I'll call her Abundance.

Lambs have an uncanny ability to get into trouble, from day one. For lack of anything more creative at that age, they'll crawl through the slats in a hay feeder and get themselves stuck in there. That's where this little gal was, and her Mom was grateful when I came to the rescue.

And before I forget, meet Tiny:

He's two days old now, and got his name because compared to Rudie, he's minuscule. Granted, she's one honkin' big calf; but even Kelly LaVoleuse is way bigger. (Kelly suggested I name THAT calf after her because it was born on her birthday; the last name is French for 'The Thief' -- I caught her suckling from Tiny's mom before he was even born -- thieving milk from the wrong mom.)

Not much progress in the knitting department, I'm afraid. Here's all I've got done so far:

(The red fabric background only because it never got put away from making quilt blocks.)

Yesterday the quilt guild I belong to celebrated National Quilting Day (a few days early) by making quilts to donate to raise funds for local animal shelters. Members brought blocks ready to assemble. We had enough to make four large quilts, and got a lot accomplished. When they're ready, I'll be quilting them in the studio. Many of us also made little quilts to donate to Quilts 4 Kids -- they're so cute it's hard to part with them. But part with them we will. Quilt guild day is one I look forward to every month. The best part: Show and Tell! -- always inspiring. I come home with my head full of ideas of what I'd like to do next. As IF!

Speaking of doing next, I'd better get to work on my To Do list. It's Friday, already. Ugh.

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  1. Abundance is a cutie! And I'm honored to have a calf named after me.