Saturday, March 20, 2010

My entourage

My entourage, in part:

Lazy --

and Lazier. They're siblings.

We keep them for the amusement of the grandkids. They are totally useless for catching mice. In fact, there was a mouse in one of the grain barrels one morning. I threw Lazier into the barrel, thinking he'd catch it and consider it a special treat. That cat was afraid of the mouse! He couldn't get out of the barrel fast enough.

The one in the first picture is the kind of cat who wants to be underfoot at all times. He follows me and Tuck down the road when we head out for a walk. He never gets past the first quarter-mile stretch. No, not because he's lazy. That's where we have to pass a house that three dogs call home. They bark like fools every single time we go by. You'd think they'd get used to it after a while, but they don't seem to. The small, yappy one is a total idiot of a dog. There's one of those electric fences around the yard, and every (and I mean EVERY) time we pass by, it runs thru the fence to yap at my heels, gets shocked by the fence, and screeches -- shaking it's head as if that came as a total surprise. Good grief! This has been going on for years.

I have a friend who suggests I feed him a hamburger as I go by ... one laced with sleeping pills. As tempting as that may be when it's snapping at my heels, I'm an animal lover and could never do it.

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