Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aaaaahgk ...

I just took a giant tumble out in the yard. I was headed out to photograph my big, fat carrot and was busy musing about what kind of silliness I could post about it. I never noticed that the willow tree dropped a big ol' branch in the path, and went flying ass over teacups in a flash when I stumbled over it. The carrot went soaring, as did the camera. I now look like I've been drinking silver -- my leg has turned a gruesome shade of blue -- how do bruises form that fast?

Anyway ... about the carrot. It has a few extra "bumps" on it that, if your squint your eyes and let your imagination run wild (like I often do), give it a "face" like something you'd see on The Muppets. One of the bumps got broken in the tumble, but see? Couldn't they be eyes? And that other little appendage, a tongue or something? And the little root ... that could be a ...

I was also thinking it is such a chubby carrot that it would be enough for a small meal ... which got me remembering something out of Don Quixote ... where he and his little sidekick are about starved, and trying to figure out what they're going to eat when there is seemingly no food to be had. One of them (I think it was Sancho) said he had an onion.

Being completely enthralled with food as I am, that just absolutely made me howl when I read it. An ONION?!? What kind of a meal is THAT?!? Oh ... I just love that book, and think I may have to re-read it this winter. It just cracked me up the first time.

"OF THE SECOND SET OF COUNSELS DON QUIXOTE GAVE SANCHO PANZA  ... 'Eat not garlic nor onions, lest they find out thy boorish origin by the smell ...' "
-- from Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

I've gotta go work on a quilt.

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  1. That is a very interesting carrot. Maybe I should post my inappropriate tomato?! :)