Wednesday, September 5, 2012

They were here and now they're gone ...

The hummingbirds. Years ago I made a note of when the hummers arrive in Spring – it’s May 2 most years. But I’ve never remembered to watch for their departure date. It seems they left after they topped off their tanks Sunday morning, which was September 2. I saw them that day, and have not seen any since.

The grandkids. They spent a lot of time with us here this summer, but they, too headed back to school and so we had to say good-bye to them on Sunday as well. The youngest was excited to get back to school. The oldest: not so much. The other two wouldn’t admit it, but I think they’re glad to go back.

The quilts. Tina C is an accomplished quilter in our area. I had three of her quilts here and finished them up. She came and got them this week, so now they, too, are gone. BTW: We saw one of Tina’s quilts with a “Grand Award” ribbon at the county fair. Good job, Tina!

Now if only I could get the fruit flies to follow the trend. They are just lovin’ the huge tomato harvest. I'm tempted to get those old-fashioned sticky fly-catchers that hang down from a thumbtack on the ceiling -- they're driving me nuts! I'm processing those 'maters as fast as I can, but apparently not fast enough to foil those little creeps.

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