Friday, September 7, 2012

A lot like her grandma ...

This one may have the pretty looks of her maternal grandmother, but she certainly got some of her genes from Daddy's side of the pool! She's a busy gal, and has a variety of interests. She'd much rather be out doing chores than sitting on the couch watching television.

Last year she started a quilt using fabric choices very similar to my own. This year, she wanted to finish it up in time to put it in the quilt show, and waited till summer was almost over. Just like me, she works better under pressure of a deadline!

She's a little short on one end, so had to have some help loading the quilt onto the machine. And we decided a chair to stand on would be a good idea.

First, she chose her pattern and learned how to load it into the comuter.

Time to position the machine just right ...

... and measure carefully for the next row.

Happily, the quilting got done without a hitch and is now ready for the binding lesson. 
She started another quilt this summer and has accumulated a "stash" of purple, blue and turqoise fabrics and threads for it. She made sure to set it all aside and tell me they were for her work in progress so I wouldn't get into it.

Oh, and when I have time, she and her little sister would like to learn to knit.

"The best inheritance a (grand)parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day." -- unknown

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