Wednesday, May 2, 2012

These guys believe in fairies ...

Apparently, I have the appearance of one who couldn't do physical labor if my life depended on it.

I just returned from a stay with my Grands while the parents were away for [quite] a few days. I had taken several quilting UFOs to work on, but pretty much blew through them on the first two days of school for the kids. So ... what to do? What to do? I walked. Walking in "town" is just not very appealing to me. Once you've gawked at one street's worth of a housing development, you've pretty much seen all you're going to see, no matter how far you keep walking. Next afternoon, I walked out to the highway where I knew there is a quilt shop. I ran into someone I knew and chatted a few minutes, but didn't really find anything I wanted to carry back to the house with me. (Yes, I am feeling okay; thank you very much.) On the weekend, we walked a trail at a national park nearby. We were gone a looo-ooo-oo-ong time, my knees were starting to get wobbly, and there was still no end of the trail in sight.  I was beginning to wonder if I'd end up crawling the last mile. The next day I decided I stay closer to home base.

I'd mow the lawn! The kids left for school, and I headed out to the shed to get the mower. That stupid thing would mow two feet and stall out. Then I'd nearly jerk my arm out of its socket trying to start it again with the pull string. After some very unladylike spewing (with neighbors' back doors only a few yards away), I decided I would just go get a different mower. I did. I assembled the mower, then I mowed. When DS returned from his trip, his wife said the Lawn Fairy had paid a visit. DS asked, "Who mowed the lawn? You? (to my grandson, who replied that he had not done it). "Marie?" (a friend across town). That I might have done it never crossed his mind. Yep ... must've been the Fairies!

Here are a couple of shots of the quilt that will be raffled this Fall by our guild:
It's big. They'll have the quilt at the ArtsFest in Athens, PA this weekend. You can get tickets there, or from any Endless Mountains Quilt Guild member until the drawing in October.

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