Wednesday, May 30, 2012

and I quote ...

" ... Plants will succeed even if they are yellow, slimey and have an odor that is almost unbearable. (Sweet) Potato Plants are tough and strong and most of them will survive if they are 'set' properly and have good growing climate."

In other words, no matter what condition they arrive in, the sender will claim no responsibility of they do NOT grow.

So here's a sampling of what they sent:

... and that's one of the better ones. To be fair, a couple of them actually had a leaf or two. I set them out and then covered them by making a paper tent to shade them. With that disclaimer, I guess I am supposed to be thankful they don't stink to high heaven! They smelled fine, but the count was short. Am I the only crackpot who counts potato slips? It doesn't really matter, so I'm not complaining. I would have been happy with only a dozen. Just sayin' ...

So here's Tina C's small quilt just before she came to pick it up.

She'll having it hanging in the Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce building, along with some others of hers starting June 1. If you're a fan of miniatures, it might be worth a drive over to check them out.

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