Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hanging Wi' My Peeps ...

My new chickie-doos arrived early last week. There were 31 Buff Orpingtons and The Odd Man Out in the box upon arrival. The BOs all huddled on one side of the cage I put them in for their first night under the lamp because it was supposed to get really, really cold out. They were so funny to watch! They'd all crowd together, then one or two would come from the outside of the bunch, step back a bit and then jump on top of the others. Like a chickie mosh pit! They did it over and over, totally amusing me and DH to no end.

And look at Odd Man Out: what's up with that 'do?!?

 Her/His head looks like a little pom-pom glued on top. I can't wait to see what sort of oddball it grows up to be. We once took in chickens from a teenager we knew whose Mom told him to get rid of all his chickens. One had perfectly round black spots; hence, she bacame known as Spot here. Another was the tiniest of banty hens, sweet as could be. We called her Goldie. She would hatch piles of eggs every year -- some that didn't even belong to her, but she never lost one single chick. She looked like a cartoon chicken -- sitting high atop a heap of eggs until they hatched. Fiercely protective, she would fly in the face of any cat or human who dared approach her brood until they were self-sufficient. Ever since she died of old age, I've been on the look-out for another just like her; but I'm thinking she was one of a kind.

Here's Julie S's quilt. Identical to Sue P's from a while back, except made with different fabrics. My DH would like to have cabbaged it for his own.

And can you believe this one is also Julie's? Nobody can accuse her of being in a style rut, that's for sure!

I have no idea how this post will turn out -- the photos keep jumping all over the place when I try to insert them in the appropriate places in the text. Oh well ... you'll figure it out.

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