Friday, May 25, 2012

Rabbitches ...

I've been crabbing to anybody within earshot about the rabbits eating the cauliflower I put out in the garden a week ago.

So, considering the pure disgust I feel about them, how is it I find this quilting pattern so adorable?

Look really closely, and you'll see the bunnies flopping this way and that. (Or double-click the picture to embiggen.)

I guess I should show you the front side of this cuddly little quilt, seeing as how that IS the more important view!
It's Nancy H's -- she's gifting it tomorrow. (Good thing I got it finished, eh?)

And here's Holly with the gift quilt that was many years in the making for her niece. I think she called it a Crazy Eights, or something like that.

 I'm not sure. Anyway, she came to learn how to use the longarm machine, and is on a roll. She has multiple dates booked on my calendar to come back for more. Heh-heh ... guess nobody told her how addicting quilting is!

Gotta go get a few more plants set into the garden before the rain starts up again. I got drenched planting beans the other day. I was determined to put them in before that day was over, come hell or high water. I wasn't counting on a cloudburst to fulfill that prophecy. (Ummm ... does anybody besides me see a pattern here, regarding me and the weather?)

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