Friday, August 12, 2011

well ... what have YOU been up to?

I finally figured out how to use the new camera. Sorta. Even though it's supposed to be the new model of the same camera I had before, it's a lot different. And the only way to read the handbook for it is to use the CD in the computer. Tsk! Turns out, it has a lot of nifty features I'll probably never use because I don't need to. I've gotten to that age where I only do what I need to, not all that is possible.

Here are some things I've taken pictures of:

Paula, who finished something like six quilts while she was here. Whew!

Kittens, kittens ... everywhere! I did not pose this little thing inside the work boot. He was already there when I went out onto the porch.

Don't Play With Your Food!

(yeah, yeah ... whatevvuh)

Seems I do peculiar things when I'm left unsupervised. So, sue me!

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  1. Your food creation is ummmmmm.... interesting. The kitty is very cute. And no thanks, I don't need another cat. Thank you very much.