Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things are a'changin' ...

THAT'S for sure. The economy. The world scene. The way people communicate. Or don't (as in, pretending to be tied up by another call so they don't have to take yours, or hanging up in the middle of a call and pretending they lost service. Ugh! There's even an app/program to facilitate the farse). But that's not all.

There was a time, no so long ago, when an entry in a quilt show that was machine quilted wouldn't get a second look without criticism and the word "cheating" flung about. Now it's rare to see anything but. Hand-quilted is (almost always) beautiful, but is becoming a thing of the past for the most part. Except for a few hold-outs, pretty much everyone has come to accept machine quilting as every bit as much an art form, and even if the quilt is not the winner of a spectacular award, we admire them in every quilt show. Kelly was back yesterday, and did another Hunter's Star, this one done by a different technique than yesterday's. Both were the result of classes offered by our local quilt guild.

(We see you back there, Kelly!)

Another thing that has changed in one generation became apparent to me today. I stopped for gas in our local area. Mind you, some people think that we're so far out in the boondocks that even the crows fly backward here. When we came here some thirty-odd years ago, the Amish neighbors would sometimes stop and ask if they could use our phones because they would not have one in their homes back then. After ten years or so, I got a call from my Amish neighbor/friend down the road, telling me they were now "allowed" to have a phone in the barn and she was so tickled she just had to call SOMEone. I was probably the only one she could call without incurring a fee back then, because practically everything here is/was a toll call. Back to today: I pumped my gas and went inside to pay for it. Standing in line in front of me were two young Amish men, and one of them had a CELL PHONE on his hip! I probably chuckled right out loud. It tickled me.

Do you knit? You're in good company! God knits. (KJV Col. 2:19, if you wanna see for yourself)

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  1. I told you Id look like Kilroy! I was trying to keep the quilt off the ground!