Thursday, August 18, 2011

We feel like cannibals ...

We ate the eggplant baby. So, I'm the kind of nutball who gets sentimental over things like that, and felt bad about dismantling and eating the thing. I was surprised, tho, when DH said he felt like a cannibal.

Kelly came and got one of her quilts done today. She told us she made it something like ten years ago. The raspberry fabric is just gorgeous -- looks like suede. Wish I could find some of it! I have no idea what for, but it's so pretty I'd just like to have it, even if I never use it in a quilt -- although, of course, that is what I would pretend I was buying it for. Before she took off, she loaded up another quilt and will be ready to get to work on it tomorrow morning.

And me? I got next to nothing accomplished. I started a quilt, hesitantly, because I was unsure of what to do on it. So I spent most of my afternoon chatting with a dear friend who dropped by. Maybe I'll solve the problem of uncertainty by "sleeping on it " (the idea, not the unfinished quilt).

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  1. The colors are beautiful on that quilt! I am glad we were able to "catch up" today!