Monday, May 2, 2011

THAT is scary!

Aside from the fuzzy white hair that insists on standing straight out from my scalp as if I lick electrical outlets when left unattended, I got quite a start this morning when I glanced in the mirror. I used to wear my hair long so I could bundle it into a ponytail -- at least it gave the impression that I was TRYING to control it.

I think I broke my eyeballs! I've been feeling like a train wreck for a couple of days, and the worst symptom is an horrendous cough that feels like I'm going to hack up a lung at any moment. It gets worse at night, like coughs usually do. I got up to broken blood vessels in my eyes. What a startling sight!

When DH came home, his only comment was, "Yow! What happened to you?" Yeah. Exactly!

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