Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh, what a night!

Whew! I wish the current weather pattern would cut us a break. We got bombarded by large hail and torrents of rain. Tree branches came down. But at least it didn't develop into a tornado, even though we were under a "watch" condition again.

Last night I was "out" at suppertime, so didn't get dinner until I got home. That was very late because I got caught driving in one horrific storm after dark. It rained bucketloads, which made driving alongside the big rigs a scary process. I opted to stay in the slow (verrrrrry slow) lane rather than risk being shoved into the barrier by a "drifter" who couldn't stay in his/her lane. Temporary road signs flopped over by strong winds onto the driving lane in the construction area made the drive even more fun. NOT!

The sky burst into a spectacular sight every few minutes -- lightning like I've never seen before. It was sideways lightning, for the most part. Hugely long streaks that looped and curled crazily like my hair in the morning -- flashing across horizontally for vast spans of the night sky. I normally am like the dog who hides under the bed during a lightning storm -- I'd prefer not to see it, thank you. But surprisingly, the thunder was not that nerve-wracking crackling kind, so the light show was not so scary. It was actually kind of neat.

Then, as I got nearer to home, I was met with this scene. It made a frightening sight to behold from a distance, but I knew from experience what to expect when I got closer. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought there was a barn fire. (The gas well on the farm next door is at that stage where they burn off the gas, for whatever reason.)

Anyway, when I got settled in the house upon my return, I headed for the kitchen to see if there was anything available for quick eats in the fridge. The fridge was dark. Uh-oh. Maybe the bulb burned out? Nope. It was the circuit breaker. Good thing I was hungry when I got home, or the fridge would have been off all night without being discovered. After I re-set the breaker and had a snack, I was too wound up to sleep, so grabbed a book and jumped into bed.

I read a few pages and heard the fridge go silent. I've mentioned in the past how the hum of that thing in the night makes me nuts, so when it goes silent, it really grabs my attention. Back to the cellar to re-set the circuit breaker again. Then back to bed and the book.

A few more pages and the lights went out. This time it wasn't the circuit breaker. The power went off. While I lay there trying to decide what could be done about it at this late hour, it voluntarily came back on. And off. And on again. I gave up and went to sleep.

In the morning, I immediately noticed the power was off, but while I was looking for the electric company's phone number, it came back on. Yay! So what will today bring, pray tell?

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  1. UGH! We are having the same loveliness here.... I am listening to tonight's storms come in as we "speak."