Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Turdus migratorius ...

Oh, my! Did you know that is the official name for the American robin? Heh-heh … looks like that must mean migratory turd bird, no? Thinking on that reminded me of a saying from my childhood that was oft repeated when I was particularly tickled about something, and my parents noticed: “you’re as happy as a turd bird in the rain …” Those old sayings always make me wonder where they originated, and this is one that seems to make a lot of sense. Robins make a series of cheerful musical whistles; they are one of the first signs of Spring, so accompany the early rains. So there ya’ have it!

This lone egg must not have been fertile. Down on the ground, there is the broken shell of an already-hatched baby bird. Considering robins rarely leave their nest for more than five or ten minutes when they’re hatching eggs, the fact that I was able to go to the house to grab the camera and get back without the mother ever returning, my guess is that it’s abandoned. Awww …

Google "turd bird" and you may find a string of amusing things to waste time with! Of particular note, there's an item that describes a "souvenir" kind of thing that was sold in a restaurant chain. It was actually a ball of dried poop fitted with googly eyes, and a little sign for the state in which it was sold. One for every state (maybe not Hawaii), they were collectible! Oh, my! Oh, my! ... some people will buy anything!

From there, I drifted over to a site where there are listed four management lessons. One of them went like this: "A crow was sitting in a tree, doing nothing all day ..." to the envy of other critters on the ground. It ends like this: "To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be very, very high up." Think about that for a while. Pretty amusing.

Now I must stop sitting and doing nothing -- I'm not very high up at all.

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