Friday, April 22, 2011

A grand time ...

The grandkids are here -- that's a guaranteed GRAND time!

Yesterday we went to see a 3-D movie. They thought it was great, I had a hard time focusing. Must be my eyes don't work with those glasses on. (Do they come in bi-focals?) Things improved when I changed my seat so I was closer to the center of the theatre. Is that normal? The cost of the movie was a real bargain. It's the snacks that kill the wallet. I wondered if they sprinkled the popcorn with gold dust, or what?!?

The whole movie reminded me of a friend who has a blue macaw, amongst her fine feathered friends of which there are several. Some of them talk! It just cracks me up when she sends sound bites of them jabbering, or tells stories of their antics like hiding in a closet or making the dog howl by repeating the same word over and over.

Today we went skating with some friends. The littlest cutie-pie struggles with "real" skates (usually uses the things that just strap onto street shoes). But they had the most clever solution for new/wobbly skaters. They had lengths of PVC pipe joined to make a thing that looked like a little corner of a fence on wheels. It works like a walker older people use to steady themselves to get around. Perfect! Had they had one tall enough to accommodate, I may have tried on some skates again, myself. I was afraid I'd look like I really needed a walker if I tried one of the short ones, though. I'd have to bend nearly in half to use it. Not a good look for me, and I'm pretty sure it would be tough to straighten back up when it was time to leave.


  1. Hey, you're talking about me! How did you like Rio?

  2. Well it looks like I am following your site in two different accounts. I guess, I need to figure that out. SE was super fun! Thanks for the invite!