Thursday, April 7, 2011

. . . as soon as the ground can be worked.

Doesn't look like that will be today.

The prospects of gardening any time soon don't look so hot, according to the forecast for the rest of the week, either. We're a full week into April and still getting a daily dose of winter -- just to keep us humble, I guess. When nice weather comes, it will be a battle to get "Spring" things accomplished. Posts and trellises will need to be righted, soil turned, seeds and seedlings planted, and so on. I don't know if the grapes will get pruned at all this year. Beneath that lovely white coating of snow, there's a treacherous lot of mud that makes any outdoor work nigh unto impossible. Hoping to not repeat the shoe-sucking episode for the third time, (yes, it happened AGAIN!), I tied my feet into plastic bags and THEN put on my boots this morning. That was in case I needed to traipse through the sludge sans boots again. Oh, give me strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow! I'm sinking fast, with all this mud. At least I kept my boots on my feet today, even though I sunk literally up to my ankles in the sheep yard. Makes for slow moving.

Here ... look at the back of one of Paula's quilts!

This makes me think of maple syrup! Folks around here would normally be busy gathering sap to make syrup now, but I don't think the weather has been very cooperative for that this year, either. Good grief! I'm not one to mind winter usually, but the siege seems never-ending this year. I shall go work on a very Spring-y quilt and try to ignore what's going on outside.

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