Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who New?

“Trouble,” – THAT’s who. She's new.
And she's trouble.

This little stinker was trouble from the get-go. It started yesterday as I was about to leave home for several hours. I figured I’d better check on everybody, just so I didn’t worry the whole time I’d be gone. (I tend to do that. Worry, that is. It’s been a lifelong struggle to put it behind me, and the only thing that prevents it is to be sure I’ve done my level best to avert calamity. Then it’s in God’s hands, and if He decides I need more experience to build character, so be it.) Back to my lamb story.

I figured I’d top off the bottle lambs before I left, in case DH was late in getting back for the next feeding. I thought I heard a wee bleating sound coming from the open shed part of the barn. So I peeked inside. I didn’t see anything. When I came back out, the bottle babies came running to be petted. Heard it again. Looked up, and at the corner of the barn there was a little lamb’s head poking outside between two boards on the far wall. To get there, it had to climb into a manger, wheedle its way to the corner and somehow put its head thru a crack that you wouldn’t think big enough.

To wrangle it out, I had to kneel down in the poopy straw bedding, stretch as far as I could to grab its head, and then try to convince the mother I wasn’t trying to decapitate it, so I could pull it back in. Eventually, I got it. But that put the kibosh on doing any errands en route to my appointment. AND … I had to go find another clean pair of jeans and get myself cleaned up before I could leave.

I made it just on time for my appointment at the dentist’s office. (Yes, AGAIN! But this time, only for a check-up.) Everything seems to be okay. Yippee! Leaving the office, while writing out my check to pay, I commented to the gal there that it smelled like cookies in there to me. Get this! She said they were baking cookies – FOR THE AROMA! Who knew? Seems they’ll do ANYthing to alleviate fear in people who are overly anxious about dental work. There apparently has been a study that indicates the smell of a dentist’s office is enough to trigger anxiety in some people (tell me about it!). They bake the cookies and then toss them if nobody takes them. These folks bend over backward to make a visit with them less scary. Gotta love ‘em for that! She did offer me a cookie, but I was on my way out. Had she asked me on my way IN, I may have taken it to hold onto for security.

Off to do some quilting! (I'll show you what I get accomplished ... in the next day or so.)

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