Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A plan is hatching ...

Some of the grands are coming for an extended-weekend visit, so I need a project that can be done without too much concentration, and in very short spurts of time. I think I've got it! I will begin cutting out a quilt I've wanted to make for over a year now. Maybe the kids will want to help choose how the colors go together.

I need 20 pieces of red fabric for this quilt. That's just for the red parts. There are four other colors, but I'll worry about them one at a time. I managed to find enough reds in my stash -- just don't get too picky over the fact that a few of them are leaning heavily toward the "orange" side of red. They're red, I tell ya!

There are sooooo many pieces to this quilt I'll need to develop a system to keep them organized while I'm working on it. Sounds like I'm headed for big trouble, right? Well ... we'll just see about that. If I come up amongst the missing, start looking under a big pile of baggies full of fabric scraps.

Step One is done, and I'm excited (it may be the effect of all those red pieces of fabric in one place):

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  1. OK, let's see a photo of the finished project! Red isn't exactly your palette, is it?