Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've been watching for almost three weeks (ever since I planted them) for these seeds to germinate. If you look very, very carefully, you'll detect the very tiny sprouts of Alpine strawberries beginning to pop. The firstlings appeared this morning. Finally. I hope to renovate an herb garden this year, and will use the Alpine S'berries to border a path. The packet said it can take up to three weeks for the seedlings to appear, but I was getting nervous. Fretting over my seeds gives me something garden-y to do during winter weather. Today we're having a mix of freezing rain and sleet -- snow expected to follow. To keep me busy, I've been peeking at these about every hour on the hour. Oh, too much?

Sherry P came yesterday and quilted a HUGE quilt. The back is pieced, as well as the top -- such clever use of her scraps, mostly florals.
Sherry chose a lightweight batting to make a comfy summer quilt.

JoAnne H left these three cuties for me to quilt. I find myself trying to guess what she will do with them ... there are three, each a little different, but with mostly the same fabrics. I think she has three children ... maybe one for each? I'll have to ask.

It's my day off, so I think I'll go get cozy with a nice cup of coffee and a book, sit by the fire and enjoy it.

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  1. OOOoooo... Strawberry seeds (and I'm not even making fun - in case you wondered.) :) The quilts look very nice, too.

    I should get off the computer and read with a cup of coffee. That sounds fabulous!