Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New Moo ...

(Never mind that title with no post from the 3rd -- I got carried away with the "publish" button. Or something.)

So here's the new moo -- sh
e'll be called Rudie (yes, we name them all). Splashdown was early Saturday morning. At the creek. At the bottom of the hill. Far, far away from the barn. The mom (Big Red) went as far from the barn as she could possibly get to deliver her. Of course, the weather was brutally cold here that morning. So she was rescued -- carried all the way back uphill to the barn, with the mom close behind. Ugh ... long haul. Glad I was not the one who had to do it.

My feet are cold. Always. I need a pair of wool socks. Does this look like a pair of socks to you?

How about if I add a pile o
f sticks?

We'll see. In a
couple of days (hopefully).
Here's what I'll be playing with today:

It's a customer's quilt. She did the hard part, I get to do the fun part!

Stay warm (wear wool) and take time to play (I highly recommend quilting)!


  1. I like your new moo and yes, that yarn does look like a nice pair of socks... :)

  2. I thought you used the CSM to make socks! Cute calf.