Monday, February 8, 2010

It must be some kind of law ...

I barely got started, when I came upon this. Do you mean to tell me that a ball of yarn containing a mere 110 yards cannot be made without having a knot in it?!? For crying out loud (sigh) ...

... and get this: I think the combination of colors in this yarn is pleasant enough. But sure as shootin' -- wouldn't ya know -- THAT color just HAD to turn up just as I was forming the heel. This pair of socks is doomed to look dirty -- like I stepped in a mud puddle -- before I even get them off the needles. Tsk!

(Note to K -- this is meant to be a portable project; hence, no CSM this time)

And the next bit is really for my Friend-Since-We-Were-Ten-Gerry, but anyone near my age might get a kick out of this memory jogger. Look what my DIL sent as a belated BD gift:

I've been on a hunt for this for years! The aforementioned friend and I used to play all kinds of board and/or card games after school together. I wasn't sure there was anyone in the world who ever played this one except us, because nobody I ever mentioned it to had even heard of it. Isn't this great? All the parts are included. A perfect gift (thank you, thank you). So, G ... we need to plan a play date, for sure!

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