Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I totally get it.

Road rage. I totally get it. Yesterday, I made the journey to go fetch some of my grandkids to spend some time with me. The round trip was a little over 9 hours of driving if you count the side trip to stop in at a quilt show I was alerted to. (How could I NOT go?)

Anyway, en route there is a place where the two-lane road narrows to one lane. Within the last few yards, two (not one but TWO) vehicles zoomed past to get in front of me before the left lane ran out. Heaven forbid these people should drive behind someone else for a stretch of one-lane roadway on our side! The second car had to squeeze me nearly off the road to make it before the oncoming car in the opposite lane of traffic would have whacked him head-on, and in the process pushed me off to the shoulder. Ugh! The urge ...
Then, on the PA turnpike, there was a terrible accident just a short distance up ahead of me. All traffic came to a complete stand-still while we waited for the emergency crews to do what they could. By the looks of the car that was run up against the guard rail and ended up on its roof, I fear the worst for the folks in that one. Once the road was opened back up, you'd have thought we were on the Indianapolis Speedway! Cars were zooming in and out of each lane, jockeying for position to get wherever they were going, apparently now in a desperate hurry because of the delay, to do what? Meet someone for dinner? See a show? What? WHAT is so important to these people that they put everyone at risk just so THEY can get where they're going? (Hopefully, they WILL get there without incident, but their risky driving in infuriating!)

And THIS just in from the "YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST" Department:

(first, a little back story on this item) DH, aka Snoop The Scoop, has been intrigued by some goings on down the road a piece. A crew of men have been digging a hole, sifting dirt, and doing other curious things. It has been driving him crazy because he cannot figure out what is going on. I glibly told him they were digging for gold, which was obvious due to the sifting of the soil. That was just an effort to shut him up because I really had NO clue what it is all about. Well ... (and I want a gold star for getting this tidbit before STS) ... the digger guys were jumping into their vehicle to leave as I went by this rainy morning. I got up my nerve and stopped right in their way, preventing them from backing their vehicle out until I got a chance to speak to them. They both got out and looked pretty friendly, so I asked if they would mind my asking a question. They were happy to tell me it's an archeological dig! Seems the site is the location of a couple of buildings from the 1700s. So far, they've found some pottery and a few other things. I asked where it would eventually be taken for preservation, and learned it will be at the State Museum in Harrisburg. Cool!

Now that my ornery camera is in a cooperative mood, here's the photo of Paula's sock monkey quilt with a close-up of the "sock" fabric. Doesn't it look like it's actually the knitted sock fabric?

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