Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'll sue.

I've read that exercise is of utmost importance in preventing osteoporosis. If I get that crap, I'll sue. And isn't it too bad gardening hasn't yet become an Olympic sport. Where does one send a petition to have THAT reviewed? Seems to me it requires plenty of strength and stamina, discipline and hard work to get a garden to grow. And it's the ONLY thing that you can get me to do that keeps me in constant motion for four hours at a time. One trip down a ski slope is plenty for me. Swimming in a pool gives me the creeps. Playing ball? Ten minutes, max. Ice skating? I'm done at the first fall. Yep ... gardening is my sport of choice.

The crazy-early summer weather is causing me to work in overdrive trying to have a decent garden. My plan is to go out early to get things done before the sun gets too hot, then spend the rest of my workday quilting. Hard to do when it's already nearing 80 degrees by 7:30 a.m. I don't do well in the heat.

 I really, REALLY wanted to get a particular section mulched, but it nearly did me in. My trick for being able to stay out long enough to accomplish the days' gardening? Douse my head with water from the hose repeatedly. It's a little startling the first shot, but as the temps rise and desperation takes hold, I start feeling like I could stay under that spray of cold water all day. I can happily report I met my goal for the day. I'm starting earlier tomorrow. I can't take this heat.

Once I had a chance to cool down, I got some major quilting done. I've fallen behind schedule a bit in the studio due to circumstances beyond my control. Granted, I'm easily distracted, but something went awry and had to be addressed.

Speaking of quilting ... I finished my Paint Chip Challenge by the time it was due for a special activity at guild last week. Here's a photo (ta-da!):

Pinned on the right is the paint chip card I received in the random pick. The challenge was to use all the colors in a quilt. The dark browns are more varied than they look in the picture. I plucked all the fabrics from my scrap pile.

It's truly a wonder that it got finished. Everything that could possibly go wrong in making this little quilt: did.

For starters, I trimmed the background square in the center too small, so had to add a piece to fix it. I scorched the fabric with the iron and had to add something to cover the burn. Then the borders didn't fit and had to be re-done. I lost the binding and had to make another at the last minute. And that's only half the story. If I told you the rest, you'd think I am lying. I am just glad it's over.

Tomorrow I'll show you one of Paula J's quilts I finished today. She finds all sorts of fun fabrics for her quilts. You'll see what I mean when I post the pictures.

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  1. The way you garden, I would call it a sport! And you do it well. I on the other hand totally cheat.