Friday, June 22, 2012

Lea'me alone!

"... they don't bother anybody what's tetched in the haid," loosely quoted from some movie I once saw. Might it have been Dances With Wolves? or Jeremiah Johnson: Mountain Man? Anyway, the characters were discussing the fact that the natives didn't bother the Pioneer woman none because she'd gone plumb crazy after her children died and her husband did what? Died? Ran off? I don't remember that part.

So this afternoon, a young woman drove up to our place in a fine, sparkly SUV and asked if I own the barn and poultry she saw (geese were waddling across the road). I told her I am. She allowed that she is sent by the Conservation District, and handed me a 36-page booklet on manure management, and 3 full-color brochures on agricultural environmental regulation compliance. Also, 19 printed pages of a document they want me to complete stuff for. Now, that is because they sent her driving around to discover where people are keeping animals and she spotted my geese.

After she handed me that %&*#, she asked if those were the only animals I have. I said no, so she asked for my name. I asked her if she wanted a free cat. She said no. So I told her, “then go away.”

Bwhah-ha-ha-ha … Why don’t they hire these college kids to do something useful, and use our tax dollars efficiently to do it?!? Can you believe they pay her to drive around in an shiny new SUV to do this? Who should I send my complaint to?

I hope she goes back to her office and tells them I'm tetched in the haid!

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  1. Oh my! That sounds highly suspicious! I do appreciate your answer, though!!