Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm still kickin' ...

(First, let me say I hate the way this server re-arranges stuff at will, or just plain loses it like it did when I first typed it out this morning.)
So much activity -- gardening, quilting, grandkids – I’ve had no time to post any updates.

Here's a photo of monarda that brightens a dark corner of my yard:

The hummingbirds love it as much as I do. If you're a tea drinker, they say the Oswego Indians of New York made tea from the dried aromatic leaves -- guess that's why it's also known as Oswego Tea. "Beebalm" (another of its many names) is the source of the antiseptic thymol. Good to know. One never knows when one might need a dab of that!

I planted mixed radishes with the beet seeds to break the crust and make it easier for the beets to come up. The fast-growing leaves of the radishes shade the tiny beets until they are big enough to handle the hot sun. I was pulling the radishes to make room for the beets, when Grandson #1 happened into the garden. "Whoa! What are THOSE?" They are icicle radishes, and very crisp despite the weather and their size.
Next post I will show you the neat quilt top I found in a heap of unwanted stuff at a sale.

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