Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's try that again ...

I have only intermittent ability to get online and stay connected. My service turns off and on repeatedly, and did that just as soon as I typed the first line the last time. The ISP company is supposed to send someone to repair the lines in the next few days. I suppose I can make do until then. Here's what I was trying to post before:

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways:
Baked, with onions.
Boiled and buttered.
Chunked with apples.
In a stew.
A creamy Autumn bisque.
Smashed with potatoes.
In a casserole, with coconut, almonds and brown sugar.

I have 17 of these jumbo butternuts left to deal with today. In case you can't tell, that squash measures 16 inches tall and about 7 inches across. It's a biggie. I've peeled, cut, cooked and frozen a lot, but now my wrists and hands ache. I'm tempted to pitch the rest out to the cows or chickens to be done with them. But I won't. I'll rest a while and then continue until they're all put safely away for another day.

On another note ...
First: the background to the story. One time DH went with me to Quilt Market and we attended a session presented by Eleanor Burns. He found her silly style quite amusing, as she pitched the scraps from cutting fabrics all over the place -- tossing them over her shoulder and saying funny things. Between other tasks today, I managed to cut out some of the pieces I'll need for a quilt I want to make. DH sat down and glanced at the pile of scraps I'd made on the carpet and said, "What kind of mess have you got here, Eleanor?" He thinks HE's very amusing.

I cannot show the quilt as it progresses, because it's going to be a gift for someone who peeks in here once in a while. I'm pretty certain the one day I post a photo will be the day for the giftee in question to take a peek. So for now, all you get to see is the pile of little scraps accumulating beside the chair where I sat to cut.

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