Friday, January 27, 2012

I am an idiot ...

The other day, I cut all the necessary triangles out from these fabrics and randomly paired them up. Then I decided I'd quickly chain piece them while I waited for enough daylight to see where I was walking on the icy path to the barn for morning chores.

When I came back in, I realized I had sewn them all on the wrong side of the triangles. I had to unstitch and re-sew them all the right way. So much for "quickly."
Here's the layout, so far.
You want quick? Mittens -- the fastest EVER to knit. "Cloisonne" pattern from the Yarn Harlot on Ravelry. I made the first one, start to finish, while DH watched a movie. I had already read the book, so didn't need to pay much attention to the screen.

Here's the newest calf:
I've re-named the mother cow "Stormy." Last year, she went as far away from the barn as she could get on a snowy night and had her calf. By the time we found them in the morning, the calf was buried under a couple of feet of snow. It didn't survive. This year, we put her inside way ahead of time. The night it snowed, she had this one and I'm happy to say it's doing fine.

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  1. Your quilt looks great! I can see how you got in zone mode and sewed the usual long side of the triangles together how fristrating! I need to get moving on mine, it will be really bad if the originator of the project didn't get hers done.