Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm not typing all that again ...

I have something rather longish I typed in another program, and planned to copy-and-paste post it here. It won't let me, for some reason I don't understand. I do it all the time, but not going to be doing it today, apparently. Tsk! Must be the cyberdemons have decided it's my turn to be the target of their torment. So until they get it out of their system, or I find a way around it, this will be brief. There's not too much going on around here, and certainly nothing worth speaking about.

I had a birthday last week.

Because I already had big plans for the day (a trip to the dentist for some shock and awe work), my friend brought me lunch on Friday. And flowers. And a Happy Birthday balloon. And a funny book of knitting cartoons. Yeah ... Franklin Habit's. He's very amusing.

There was so much food, there was enough for lunch again on Saturday. Even dessert. Ever heard of broccoli pesto? Me, either. I can say it was yummy, especially with some tortellini.

If the predicted storm holds off, I have two quilting events to attend in the next couple of days. There should be some eye candy after that, so c'mon back and sit a spell.

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